Personal Giving Stories

Words That Inspired Us to Give

Don and Linda Bires,
Guardian Society Members

“We had a wash of emotions when we decided to include the DAV in our estate planning. The important thing to us is to give back and we know this was the best thing we could ever do.”

Those are the kind comments from Don and Linda Bires when they informed us the DAV was included in their will.

Don served in the Air Force from 1966 to 1973. After he returned home from Vietnam, the DAV was instrumental in getting his disability rating increased. “The DAV has done so much for Don,” tells Linda about the help they received from a DAV National Service Officer. “We know the DAV is the constant, the one thing veterans can count on and will exist forever.”

Don and Linda know firsthand the sacrifices our military men and woman make every day. “We have heard it said: The men and women in uniform write a blank check to The United States of America for an amount of “up to and including their life.’”

These words have inspired them to give back to veterans and their fellow service men and women.

Linda states, “People say ‘My family first’ but we must remember that the military is protecting our family, too. If everyone would do just one thing for our veterans, just imagine the difference it would make!”

The Bires have recently relocated from Ohio to Florida to start the next chapter of their lives. They have had no trouble meeting people and making friends thanks to their active participation in the local DAV chapter.

“We are most grateful and honored to be part of the DAV family. For us, it’s our privilege to include the DAV in our estate planning.”