Personal Giving Stories

Two Veterans Talk about Commitment

Alana and Scott DeGarmo

She served in the Air Force; he was a Marine. She treated the wounded in Operation Desert Storm; he fought in Vietnam. Two of their kids have served during the past decade of war — one in the Navy, another in the Army.

Alana and Scott DeGarmo know about commitment; their family lives that virtue. Asked why they made a planned gift to DAV, they spoke of the organization’s “willingness and commitment to assist veterans.”

When Scott and Alana think of the DAV, three related words come to their minds: help, resources and compassion.

“The DAV works tirelessly to support veterans on so many fronts,” says Scott. “The large amount of resources simply amazes.”

Alana adds, “I am overcome with gratitude every time I see a service member in uniform and we cannot do enough for those who are willing to give their lives for our freedom. I love what the DAV does in support of veterans.”