Personal Giving Stories

Veteran Gives Back by Simply Changing Beneficiary

James Henry,
Guardian Society Member

James Henry found a valuable way to thank the organization that gave him so much support when his military service ended and health problems ensued.

When he no longer needed an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), he made DAV the future beneficiary. All it took was a simple change of beneficiary form he filed with his fiduciary.

“I’m proud of this simple estate gift to DAV, in thanks for all of the help they have given me throughout the years in making sure that my disability claims were properly addressed by the VA,” Mr. Henry said.

Mr. Henry was physically injured during his military service but his problems didn’t end there. Like many of his fellow Vietnam veterans, he suffers health issues caused by exposure to the toxic defoliant, Agent Orange.

“Many of us veterans who were drafted to serve our country years ago had no thought as to the consequences of that service,” says Mr. Henry. “We proceeded out of love for our country. When the consequences started to emerge, we were stunned, confused, and in shock because no one told us about the downhill spiral that our medical health would be taking.

“In my eyes DAV has always been there, that one ray of hope or shining light that you see off in the distance and run to embrace because it will help you immensely in getting your health, life and family back on track. Of all the veteran service organizations out there, DAV is by far the best and most sincere organization in regards to the veteran. I’m proud to be a new Guardian Society member, too.”